How much could your business grow if you were more organized?

Is a lack of organizational skills keeping your business from growing? Have you ever missed a sales call or deadline from a calendar that’s not current? Do you lose out on leads or referrals because the ‘freshness date’ passes by before you get to them from a task list that is not orderly? Does this sound familiar? “I know that name is in one of these piles, somewhere”! How about: “I know it looks unorganized, but I can find everything”. If this is you, then you should have a professional organizer help you. Period. Everyone has one now! It’s totally N’Vogue!

So who’s your professional organizer? You don’t have one? Let me guess, you can’t imagine showing anyone your mess; and you don’t want people to know you are not as put together as you look. I am afraid that that feeling has you trapped behind a wall of embarrassment, so you just continue to lose out on whatever it is that clutter keeps stealing from you.

We outsource everything nowadays; dog-walking, car-detailing, even grocery shopping and delivery! If you are a business owner or have a sales territory, it just makes sense to pay others to do things on your to-do list. You and your business are better served not doing those things! It’s a good business decision to work on whatever it is that can generate revenue for your business. So consider that if you could earn $100 an hour
doing business, than you should not think twice about paying someone $50 to do your lawn, or your filing, or your bookkeeping….

The professional organizing industry is growing very fast. If you don’t have a professional organizer yet, you will eventually, and you will wonder why you waited so long (like when you thought about hiring a house cleaner). There are about 180 professional organizers in Maryland so chances are there are several near you. They cover a very large list of specialties, so it is very likely that they can assist you in whatever area you need help in.
You can certainly ask your professional organizer to keep the fact that you hired them confidential, but by doing so, you are helping to keep others behind a wall of embarrassment too. I guarantee you that a few doors down from your house there are neighbors who have a professional organizer; and some of the business professionals in your network meetings that look so put together, have had assistance and learned about
being organized from a professional organizer.

Well, as a business owner, and a professional organizer who enlists the help from a professional organizer, I say, “get over it and get organized!” and share your success stories! You will be glad you did and so will those you have encouraged to do the same.

Valerie Lynn Cowan is a Professional Organizer and President of Destination Organized®
serving MD, NJ, DE. 856-469-9859 | 410-203-0338 |