Membership Benefits

Your ad in Annual Directory Mailed to 8,000 local homes & businesses. Also available during the year at the Post Office, Municipal Buildings, Realtors & more.

  • Your business listed & promoted on GreaterSBA website
  • Your business promoted on Social Media (Facebook page, email blasts) and local print advertisements.
  • We strive to cross promote and support each other’s businesses.
  • Your business promoted through special marketing campaigns.
  • Your business featured at least once a year on GreaterSBA Facebook Page and whenever you have a special to promote.
  • Monthly Member Meetings to Network with other local Business Members (Second
    Wednesday of the Month).
  • We sponsor Local Events; Memorial Day Program, Swedesboro/Woolwich & Logan Days,
    Swedesboro Christmas Parade, Restaurant Week & more. These are great ways we
    promote YOUR businesses!
  • Support Community Needs; Kingsway Cafeteria Fund, Graduating Senior & Community
    College Scholarships, Veterans, and more.
  • Fun Social Events; Phillies Night, Night at the Races, and more.

Our purpose is to promote & foster a feeling of fellowship among its members and generally promote trade & commerce.

We do this by:

  • Preserving and improving the Swedesboro downtown business district and other developing area in the greater Swedesboro community.
  • Participating in local civic affairs.
  • Supporting educational and charitable endeavors that are in the interest of the greater Swedesboro community, and thereby, the interests of GSBA members.